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Electrolysis - Mode Laser Skin Clinic

Mode Laser Skin Clinic offers an alternative for clients who are not suitable to have Laser and IPL hair reduction.

Electrolysis has been used to permanently remove unwanted hair for the last 130 years.

It is the only permanent hair removal method recognised by government and regulatory agencies.

How it works

The technique permanently destroys germinative cells that are responsible for hair growth.

The treatment is deliverd by sliding a fine probe into the hair follicle. An electrical current is then passed through the probe, which is adjusted to treat the type of hair and treatment area. 

The current causes the destruction of the hair follicle and targets only the germinative cells. The system protects the skin and prevents new hairs from growing.


Different hair colours and areas of the body

Apulis electrolysis is the gentle way to permanently remove hair that lasers can't target.  As Blonde, white, grey and auburn hair has no melanin electrolysis is the alternative to temporary hair removal methods and is suitble for all skin and hair colours.

Any area of the body can be treated.


Treatment Costs

Treatments are either 30 or 60 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

30 minutes £30

60 minutes £60

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